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Some unfortunate occasions occur where people get wrongfully accused of committing a crime and get sent to jail. Often, people who are accused of crimes are deemed innocent once they have appeared in court with no evidence that they committed the crime. A lot of times, before people get a chance to go to trial to prove their case, they are held in jail. Utilizing a bail bonds agent is a preferred option for most, rather than remaining in jail until your court date.

If the defendant appears in court on time, as required by the court, and had paid a cash bail, once proven innocent they will be handed the cash back once the court closes the case. Unfortunately, in certain circumstances, the case closes and the defendant is still left without their bail back. The judge is supposed to issue an order for the bail return or exoneration of the bail money. If the case is closed in conviction, then the government gets to keep 3 percent of the bail. If you went through a bail bondsman, they will also keep 10-30 percent depending on the severity of the crime, the amount, and the record of the defendant. If you used a bondsman, they will not return any of the bails even if you are charged as innocent. If you pay in full to the court it would be fully refunded, but with a bondsman, you don’t get as much back.

Thankfully, a bail bonding company can help you in many ways to make sure you are prepared for before and after trial. The price you must pay upfront with the help of a bondsman is GREATLY reduced as opposed to paying in full to the courts. The money will only be refunded once bail is set if the defendant is charged as innocent or if the person is acquitted. Keeping track of the court dates will make it easier to keep track of when you will get the bail back. Alabama Bail Bonds in Tuscaloosa can help you or your loved one get home much faster.

When you or your loved one winds up in jail, your first call should be to Alabama Bail Bonds. We understand how stressful it can be trying to navigate the bail bonds process. Count on a licensed bail bondsman to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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