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When you are helping a loved one be released from jail, or even if you are the defendant trying to be released from jail, you can be very antsy and curious as to how long it will take once posting bail. There is a plethora of determining factors that must be considered to determine the length of time until the defendant will be released after the bonds in Tuscaloosa, AL has been posted.

One of the factors that must be considered is what jail the defendant might be placed in. Some jails are different timewise than others. It also varies depending on how many cases have had bail posted also and then it goes on a first come first serve basis. After someone is arrested, they typically are set bail that day. If the arrest happened on a weekend or a night, then it is more likely for the bail to be set on the next business day.

Another factor to be considered is what crime was committed. The more severe the crime, the less likely you will be able to be released on bail. If you are set bail, it might be way out of your price range. This can cause bail to be postponed or let go. Usually, if you are set bail and can figure it out, you will be released within 2 to 10 hours after the bail has been posted.

The length of the court case and the amount of bail is a factor to consider as well. There are many determining factors but generally as stated above, the range falls somewhere in between 2 and 10 hours after the bail is posted, the defendant should be released. For more information on bail bonds in Tuscaloosa, AL, contact Alabama Bail Bonds.

When you or your loved one winds up in jail, your first call should be to Alabama Bail Bonds. We understand how stressful it can be trying to navigate the bail bonds process. Count on a licensed bail bondsman to make the process as easy as possible for you.