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As a parent, we make mistakes, some bigger than others. But sometimes we are wrongfully committed to things, or we make mistakes that require consequences. One of the first things you may think about after being incarcerated is how you are going to explain it to your children. Depending on the child’s age, there are many different routes you can take, as a bail bondsman in Reform, AL explains.

As a toddler, their brain doesn’t quite understand many logical perceptions. If you are concerned about how to explain their loved one has been incarcerated, try to explain to them that no one will hurt their family members and that they do love you and they know you love them. It can be a difficult situation, especially if they see the family member placed into handcuffs – they may assume that someone is hurting them. This is a prime age for separation anxiety also, so you must try to calm them down before you must go, or if it’s another family member they need to as well.

If the law enforcement asks you to place the child down, the officer might just also try to take the child out of your arms. This is just to prevent the child from getting hurt if you or the arrestee is being violent, and sometimes will take the child to a safe place so they don’t have to watch the parent or family member being arrested.

As an older child, the child understands more of what is happening. When the officer is arresting the loved one, the child may very well act angry and try to fight the officer and try to ignite the situation by standing up for the loved one. Try to explain to the child that it is okay and that they need to relax. If they hear it from the loved one, that may de-escalate the situation. Alabama Bail Bonds in Reform, AL is a great place to call or visit if you have any more questions on incarceration, especially if there is a bail set.